is a transformation project initiated on a civic basis. Radbahn aims to convert the underutilized space under and along the iconic railway viaduct of Berlin’s subway line U1 into a high-quality, urban environment by means of a roofed cycleway. Through 2023, the project's concept will be further developed as part of the program “Nationale Projekte des Städtebaus” (national projects of urban construction), and will receive 3,3 million Euros in funding from both the state and Berlin’s federal government. A participative test area will be developed in the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

Berlin's current surge in bicycle traffic offers many opportunities and creative possibilities, which at the same time require new methods of negotiation amongst the city’s inhabitants. Our idea is based on a conscious interaction with the city's existing space and resources, with a dedicated approach of conceiving social and multifunctional transport areas. Radbahn has strong political and civic support, including from various administrative, economic, scientific and public organizations. The initiative has been widely covered by both German as well as international media, and has received several awards. With the follow-up project Reallabor Radbahn we will continue to realize our ideas for a liveable city of the future in Berlin, while simultaneously creating an international flagship project for cycling and sustainable urban habitats.

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On Hallesches Ufer, 1928 Staatsarchiv Freiburg W 134 > Nr. 000615 / Photographer: Willy Pragher

A journey from Zoo to Oberbaumbrücke

Radbahn runs through a city that is constantly changing. It is therefore logical that a number of urban spaces can be found on both sides of the route: places of daily chaos, rest, and deceleration; tight spaces and those that are generously laid out; places of concrete or idyllic city nature.

With the Radbahn concept, we take these qualities and transfer them to the future. In seven sections we show and formulate what we consider desirable for our city and its inhabitants. It is a vision in which there is a lot of love for the individual spaces. We believe that the Radbahn can help to promote positive development in these and adjoining urban areas.

Radbahn is not a motorway for cyclists, but a trip along and under Berlin's first rail line. We do not abide by the stress of the big city, but rather drive relaxed and look around.

Let's go!