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Reallabor Radbahn in summer 2024

We invite you to the following events:
15.6. The 'Open Siciety Day' is celebrated on the test site
Daily from sunset: "Nachtspur" - a light installation on the test site

News to the finalisation of the project

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Event Calendar

What's happening?

Here you can find an overview of all the upcoming events that are taking place as part of the Reallabor Radbahn project or in which members of our team are participating.

You have an idea for a joint event or want to contribute something creative to our project? Feel free to contact us at info@radbahn.berlin.

Actual events

'Open Society Day' is celebrated on the test site

4 - 9 pm

under the viaduct of the U 1 – Skalitzer Straße / Mariannenstraße

Let's come together on the test site and celebrate the space under the viaduct. There will be a long tabel with coffee and cake, interactive music-making and DJs. You also can get your bike fixed.

Further information

Light installation

daily from sunset to midnight

under the viaduct of the underground – Skalitzer Straße / Oranienstraße

The space under the Kreuzberg viaduct is to be made to glow before it appears in new shine in the summer and the test site of the "real-world lab" (Reallabor) Radbahn is opened.

This light installation by the artist duo SKIA Studio shows the path of the Radbahn that will later run under the viaduct by means of horizontally running light tracks and reminds us of the lively flow of movement of cyclists.

More (in German)

5 Personen beim Spatenstich:

Review: Action Days in August 2022

How nice it was! The action days from 24 to 28 August 2022 were one of the most important milestones of this year for the Reallabor Radbahn, because our meetings and discussions with you, the citizens, interested people, residents, and tradespeople could take place for the first time where the Radbahn is to be implemented in the future. Together we were able to experience in a very practical way the possibilities and also the challenges that this so far inconspicuous public space has to offer.

With simple means, we showed that the areas to the left and right of the path offer space to create additional offers such as bicycle parking spaces, bicycle repair stations, seating furniture and culinary offers, a dry toilet, and information areas. And we were able to implement exemplary first structural measures with the de-silvering of two parking spaces and their planting, which impressively shows how much more pleasant it can be to stay and pass by when greenery instead of sheet metal lines the way.

Start of the Citizen Participation

Until April 4, 2022, our first citizen participation format is online with a collection of ideas on mein.berlin. With this, we would like to capture suggestions and hints for the use or design of the open spaces on both sides along the cycle path under the viaduct between Görlitzer Bahnhof and Kottbusser Tor. These should provide important insights into needs and wishes from the citizens' point of view for our planned test site and be incorporated into the open space planning in the further process. While the interface is in German, you can submit your ideas in English, too.

Guidelines for participation

Informing and involving citizens is one of the main pillars of our work. We have summarised our ideas and scope for action as well as our aspirations and understanding of participation in our "Guidelines for Participation".
Read here

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