What is meant by participation?

Each of our participative offers aims at dialogue-oriented forms of public participation – in contrast to representatives forms such as elections.

We do not want to simply inform people – we want to let them play a part in the decision-making process.

Where can I participate?

We will soon provide the first online formats on mein.berlin.de. In 2022, we will start with information events and citizens' workshops.

We will provide information about these events in good time in the events section. If you already have questions and opinions about the Radbahn, contact us at any time or come to one of our Radbahn Talks.


Questions about our participation processes and events? Mail to partizipation@radbahn.berlin.


Urban Space Created in Dialogue With Society

Projects like Reallabor Radbahn that deal with public space automatically impact all groups of people who use that space or want to use it in the future. Reallabor Radbahn creates an accessible urban space that is inspired and cultivated by the community that uses it.

Guidelines for participation

We have summarised our ideas and scope for action as well as our aspirations and understanding of participation in our "Guidelines for Participation".

Our participation opportunities enable us to address different target groups


Through different formats, we invite citizens to participate in our project, contribute their (local) knowledge and express their wishes regarding the design of the entire Radbahn route. Together with Berliners, we discuss, review and evaluate the results and recommendations of the potential and risk analysis we commissioned, for example. In addition, we talk to residents of the three adjacent districts (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Tempelhof-Schöneberg and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf) about their and our experiences with the test site.

We want to draw conclusions about the entire nine-kilometer-long Radbahn route from the point of view of citizens, which can be incorporated into the further planning of the Radbahn at an early stage.

For example, we would like to know:

  • What needs do people have along the Radbahn route (as residents, as pedestrians, as tradespeople, etc.)? And how can these be satisfied well and equally?
  • What infrastructure (trash cans, stop bars, lighting, service stations, etc.) and information (ideal speed, distances, tourist attractions, geographical locations, etc.) do cyclists need or want?
  • Which elements are regarded as indispensable, which as optional?
Szene einer Arbeitssession. Eine Frau klebt bunte, beschriebene Papierzettel an eine Pinnwand.


We would like to enter a dialogue with many different interest groups in order to receive important input for our work. For this purpose, we have also established an advisory board whose 14 members guide and support us. We invite various stakeholders from different backgrounds to workshops and discussion groups. The results of these events flow into our studies. We use them for the further planning of the test site and, beyond that, for the overall route.

Stakeholders' thematic fields
  • Urban and spatial development
  • Transportation planning and mobility transition
  • Social and cultural initiatives and organizations
  • Civil society clubs and associations, such as bicycle networks
  • Retail trade and commerce
Skizze, die aufzeigt wie der Raum unter dem Viadukt aussehen könnte: Sitzgelegenheiten am Rand sowie Pflanzenkübel mit Grün.

Test site

An ounce of practice is worth a pound of theory. Our test site is also a central dialogic and discursive space. As a low-threshold form of participation, it provides very concrete opportunities for trying out, commenting and evaluating.

Where can I find current events?

Take a look at the section "News & Dates", subscribe to our newsletter or pay attention to our latest postings on social media.

Eine Gruppe von Menschen (ca. 20), dich gedrängt auf Fahrrädern unter dem Hochbahn-Viadukt lächelt als Gruppenfoto in die Kamera. Das Bild wurde leicht erhäht aufgenommen und man sieht im Hintergrund das tunnelartige Viadukt. Links und rechts viel Gebüsch.

Join in!

Meet the Radbahn team and discuss the future of Berlin’s urban space with us. We organize lively events for young and old and warmly invite you to open discussion rounds and individual consultations. More information can be found under "News & Dates".

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