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In the coming months, the name of the game is: Get to work! We are looking for volunteer supporters, e.g. for campaigns, the construction of street furniture or translation work . If interested, write us:

Get to know the advisory board!

14 great people volunteer to advise and critically review our project.
Find out who is part of the advisory board and what tasks this body has.

Team & Supporters

The Core Team of Reallabor Radbahn

Marc Behrends

supports us at events and ensures that our IT structures and processes are running smoothly, thereby boosting the team’s productivity.

Portraitfotografie einer Frau Mitte 40 mit  Kurzhaarschnitt, die Brille trägt und mit wachen Augen leicht seitlich in die Kamera blickt.

Dr. Silke Domasch

coordinates the study topics of Reallabor Radbahn and, as an expert in participation, facilitates diverse discussions and dialogues with all stakeholders.

Luise Flade

took on the role of communications manager and press spokesperson to inform different stakeholder groups about planning processes and events.

Viola Hänsel

leads the planning process for the test site and, together with the rest of the planning team and external partners, coordinates its completion and constructional implementation

Portraitfogorafie eines Mannes Anfang 50 mit zerzaustem Kurzhaarschnitt und Dreitagebart, der wach in die Kamera guckt; nicht lächelnd, aber trotzdem freundlich.

Matthias Heskamp

is not only an architect and one of our managing directors, but also a conceptual mastermind, coordinator and visionary. He trained for ten years with architect and Pritzker Prize-winner Álvaro Siza in Porto and led projects for David Chipperfield Architects in Berlin.

Portritfotografie eines jungen Mannes Mitte 30 mit ordentlichem Kurzhaarschnitt und Dreitagebart, der freundlich in die Kamer blickt.

Maximilian Hoor

is a Radbahn managing director who works as a research assistant in the Department of Integrated Transport Planning at the Technical University of Berlin. He is also currently completing a PhD on urban bicycle cultures and their political influence. He supports the Reallabor Radbahn project in relation to scientific topics and networking.

Juliana Keßen

supports the team in the urban and architectural planning of the test site and drawings thereof.

Phillipp Leisenberg

is responsible for the planning and implementation of events that help to draw attention to the space under the viaduct and get people excited about the Radbahn.

Portraitfotografie eines lächelnden  Mannes Mitte 40 mit Bart und leicht längeren Haaren die zur Seite fallen

Perttu Ratilainen

is another of our managing directors; he spent 11 years working for a Fortune 500 company in different countries before stepping down from his public relations leadership position in 2014 and moving to Berlin. Reallabor Radbahn benefits from his wealth of experience in communications, finance, and business development.

Porträtfotografie einer Frau Anfang 40 mit Pony und blond-brünetten Haar, die zu einem Pferdeschwanz gebunden sind, blickt leicht seitlich, aber dennoch nach vorne, in die Kamera.

Jeanette Werner

is the project manager of Reallabor Radbahn. She handles all the tasks that are necessary for planning the design, daily business, and managing the team.

paper planes e.V. – the team behind the Radbahn idea

Without the extraordinary dedication of the members of paper planes e.V., the Reallabor Radbahn project would not exist. In addition to initiating new projects, they continue to develop the overall Radbahn concept and provide support with their professional input.

At Our Side – Supporters

Members of the advisory board and Reallabor Radbahn team

Advisory Board

Since September 2020, an inderdisciplinary project advisory board supports Reallabor Radbahn. The task of the project advisory board is to identify various user needs and to incorporate them into our project.

Berlin's City Administration

From the very beginning, the Radbahn team has pursued a philosophy of cooperation with city administrations and political actors. Through effective dialogue and by linking unique planning competencies, we want to set new standards of collaboration between project members and administrative bodies. We are therefore especially grateful to the district authority of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, which has demonstrated its political will by assigning a bicycle traffic planner to our project.

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