Why the the advisory board?

Each member of the advisory board has a special expertise that helps our project and represents a group of actors who are affected by the Radbahn project. We hope to gain new perspectives, critiques and advice through the advisory board. These will help us make better decisions and ultimately create a project that addresses multiple needs Berlin's residents.

Who are the members?

An overview of the individual members can be found further down the page.
Our members stem from bicycle interest groups as well as the field of traffic planning, mobility research, urban planning and architecture or are representatives of social initiatives.

Are advisory board members paid?

No, this is a volunteer support of the individuals.

Project Advisory Board

As a publicly funded project, Reallabor Radbahn is committed to listening to as many perspectives as possible, respecting varying opinions and involving them in the project’s implementation.

The Reallabor Radbahn has therefore been supported by an interdisciplinary advisory board since September 2020. We were able to engage experts from social initiatives, bicycle interest groups as well as from the fields of traffic planning, mobility research, urban planning, and architecture to participate on the board.

Tasks and Duties

The project advisory board’s main task is to ensure constructive and critical support for our project. This should enable the team to subject our stated goals to a reality check, incorporate different levels of observation into our decisions, and promote networking with other actors. Synergies between individuals and their organizations are also encouraged.

The Following Experts Provide Fresh Impetus to Our Project:

Wolfgang Aichinger, Agora Verkehrswende
Dr. Laila Atrache Younes, Quartiersmanagement Zentrum Kreuzberg / Oranienstraße Quartiersmanagement Zentrum Kreuzberg/ Oranienstraße
Nada Bretfeld, Kiezanker und Stadtprojekte e.V.
Dr. Stefan Carsten, Futurologist
Melissa Gómez, ADFC
Tobias Griesmeier, TIER Mobility
Veit Hannemann, Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße e.V
Andreas Krüger, Belius
Leona Lynen, ZUsammenKUNFT Berlin and Team stadtstattstrand
Dr. Nina Pawlicki, Natural Building Lab, TU Berlin
Carolin Ritter, VCD
Ulrike Saade, Velokonzept
Prof. Dr. Oliver Schwedes, Integrierte Verkehrsplanung, TU Berlin
Merja Spott, SenUMVK

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