Radbahn Berlin: Future Visions for the Ecomobile City

Why the book?

In the book, initial recommendations for implementation of the Radbahn are developed and traffic questions related to technicalities of traffic planning are answered. With this, the Radbahn was no longer a utopia. The book paved the way to concrete planning.

Where can I get the book?

The entire book is available in bookstores or at jovis.de (also in English).

Thanks to the great commitment of the founders of paper planes e.V., the Radbahn became a concrete project and its first key achievement was the production of the Radbahn book.

With the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign and the participation of many experts, the 140-page book Radbahn Berlin: Future Visions for the Ecomobile City was created. It features details about the feasibility of the Radbahn and recommendations regarding its implementation. The 2017 publication was the first step towards transforming the Radbahn from “just an idea” dreamt up by a team of committed people into a concrete and feasible project supported by a steadily growing coalition of different groups of actors who want to break new ground and create a livable urban future.

Browse through the book

In concrete terms, the book offers initial ideas for the implementation of the project as well as numerous answers to questions of traffic planning, such as how to deal with intersections, elevated subway station entrances and exits, or insufficient distance between the viaduct pillars. It also provides inspiration and suggestions about how the economy, mobility and coexistence can be made more sustainable in the Berlin of the future. The book makes it very clear that the Radbahn is much more than an ordinary bike path. Above and beyond its traffic solutions, this innovative infrastructure also offers enormous social opportunities for a growing Berlin.

Follow the link to read the individual chapters of the book: radbahn.berlin/book.

The entire book is available in bookstores or at jovis.de.

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