Test site opening

After several years of conceptualisation, idea development and planning, the time has finally come:

We cordially invite all Kreuzberg residents, neighbours, cycling enthusiasts and interested parties to experience and discover the newly designed space under the viaduct from 25 April 2024 at 4 pm - with all the plants, bushes and beds, the new flooring recycled from old stones, seating and recreational facilities, cycling infrastructure, lighting, innovative technical solutions and much more.
Come along, bring friends and neighbours - cycle, walk, chill out, do sports, dance and discover it, try it out - the space under the U1. It's your space, conquer it!

On the opening day itself, there will be live music, celebratory words and many of those involved in the project will be happy to answer your questions and present individual elements.

Programme of the test site opening

The test site will be open for you from 16.00.
Our partners will be presenting the elements being tested at various locations throughout the day.

16.30 Live music and performance

17.00 Opening ceremony

18.00 Guided tour of the test site

18.45 Live music

19.30 DJs + end of the day at the mobile bar

What has changed under the viaduct?

Large-scale unsealing and planting of the verges has created a public urban space with a wide range of facilities that also answers pressing questions about climate change in cities. We are testing structural, technical and design solutions such as planting and water treatment concepts, floor coverings, signalling technology and bicycle guidance systems, lighting, urban furniture and bicycle infrastructure such as parking spaces and service stations.

Active test phase

We will be using the test site until 15 June 2024. During this active test phase, various events will take place and we will conduct surveys on the test site. You are welcome to take part, we look forward to your feedback.

Invitation flyer

To download: reallabor-radbahn-testfeldoeffnung_flyer-digital.pdfand for all events until 15 June 2024

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