About this Study

The aim of this study is to turn the Radbahn concept into a Berlin project. Now that it has been published, the Radbahn is no longer simply a great idea dreamt up by a team of enthusiastic people, but rather a project backed by a growing coalition of civil society groups and businesses. Politicians keen to make this vision a reality and break new ground for a more livable Berlin are also warmly welcomed to become part of this alliance.

This study answers transport-related questions and provides possible solutions for intersections, elevated subway stations and overcoming the limited distances between the viaduct supports. This study will form the foundation upon which the State of Berlin can assess the feasibility of the covered bicycle route.

Furthermore the Radbahn study offers numerous suggestions about how the economy, mobility and life in Berlin could be made more sustainable in the future. Our findings clearly indicate that the Radbahn will be no ordinary bike path. This exciting project has enormous societal and transport potential for the booming city of Berlin.