What happened so far?

Review of the year 2023

Newsletter – February 2022

In our latest newsletter, we summarize the milestones of the past year and take a look at what lies ahead for "Reallabor Radbahn" in 2022.

We also present our new "visionary image", which replaces our previous rendering and shows that the space under and along the U1 is open to all.

Launch of the website, November 2021

November 2021: we finally present to you our new website! This update was necessary because the project has changed and become more concrete in recent years. On the revised website, we move the original vision of the Radbahn somewhat into the background and highlight the work of the Reallabor Radbahn, which puts a part of the Radbahn onto the street by 2023.

Call for Artists: Light Installation

We will place the elevated railway viaduct in Kreuzberg in the right light! Today still cold & grey; tomorrow alive & shining! For the winter months 2021/2022, we are planning a light installation lasting several months that will illuminate this forgotten space. For this we are looking for artists who already have experience with art in public space and primarily work with light. Share your ideas with us and apply until 21.11.2021.

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